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How India can resolve critical minerals problem?

As we know, critical minerals will play a vital role in green technologies, such as the construction of wind turbines, electric vehicles and solar panels. Demand for these technologies is rising around the world, with global battery demand one of the key factors in this growth. Lithium, nickel, cobalt, manganese and graphite are crucial to

The shift beyond China and BRICS Expansion?

As US-China relations sour, the new production sites are changing the way Apple’s devices are made. Parts are collected from multiple places then assembled in a few locations and shipped to customers everywhere. Number of suppliers in India and Vietnam have emerged as the most popular new hubs in the decade since Apple started publishing

Is Global South the New Economic Frontier (India-LatAm)?

The developing countries, often called the Global South, are quietly revising the economic rules, a cornerstone of the world order prevailing since World War II. The Global South sees a chance to chart its own future. Ms. Nirupama Menon Rao, a former Indian foreign secretary, points to her country’s spreading of digital payments to developing

India-US and its Growth Potential?

Oxfam International estimates India minted 70 new millionaires each day between 2018 and 2022, putting spotlight on the nation as multinationals look to tap a growing consumer market. The survey also found that the country’s middle-class population of 432 million — earning between $6,000 and $36,000 annually — is the fastest-expanding category, and is predicted

India’s Growth, ESG and Consumer Trends

Increasing rivalry between the US and China is giving India a new shot at boosting its manufacturing share to a targeted quarter of GDP. And there are pockets of progress. Apple Inc.’s three key Taiwanese suppliers won incentives from India to boost smartphone production and exports. The California-based company now makes almost 7% of its

Global Supply Chains and the associated risks?

Global Supply Chains are facing the brunt of high risks from Geo-Politics, Environment/Natural Disasters, and Financial Health of sovereign, banks & businesses. Geopolitical Risks are most often associated with the political environments of a region, as specific regulations, changes in governmental structures, or the outbreak of armed conflict can alter policies and influence normal business