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Karavan Advisory Enterprises LLP is an International business advisory firm specialising in Internationalisation, and Global Sourcing based out of New Delhi, India with its associates and partners in US, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico (Latin America) and other emerging and advanced economies.

Karavan’s mission is to support an Enterprise’s journey to Business Growth, International Expansion, and Global Sourcing activities. Our specialised expertise ranges from Consumer Goods and Retail; Clean Energy; Food & Agriculture; Digital Manufacturing, and Global Sourcing and Sustainability of products & Services connecting India, Americas (US & LatAm) and Europe.

Karavan assists companies in ascertaining Market and Non-Market Strategy, Global Sourcing Management; M&As, engaging with partners, overcoming entry barriers, regulations, localisation, marketing and executing the project – from strategy to implementation of the project.

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  • Li-ion Battery Manufacturing and India a Favoured Destination?

    Electric vehicle batteries have been called the “heart” of EVs. Much like the vital organ of the human body, it distributes electrical power to the various systems of an electric car. An EV battery has four major components: the positive electrode called the cathode, the negative electrode called the anode, a micro-permeable separator that keeps

    February 7, 2024
  • Reconfiguration of Supply Chains & India’s Role?

    Evolving global supply chains have made the movement away from China to countries like Vietnam, Mexico, and India a topic of growing significance. This shift is influenced by a complex interplay of factors, ranging from economic considerations to geopolitical tensions. It is essential to understand that this shift is not a wholesale displacement of China

    January 4, 2024
  • India and Argentina the natural Partners?

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to outrun China and transform India’s economic model into one driven by manufacturing rather than consumption, are creating a tailwind for infrastructure and heavy-industry companies. With a road, airport, tunnel, metro or power facility under construction almost everywhere in India, the nation-building push is luring investors to the sector. Alternatively,

    December 5, 2023
  • Latin America’s Growth and India the new Luxury spending Hotspot?

    It always feels risky to express optimism about Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). A “lost decade” of stagnant economies, dysfunctional politics and profound challenges like organized crime and low productivity mean that “LatAm bears” make the loudest, most convincing arguments—and have often been proven right in recent years. But if you look carefully, the

    November 1, 2023
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