Karavan Advisory Enterprises LLP is an International business advisory firm specialising in Internationalisation, and Global Sourcing based out of New Delhi, India with its associates and partners in US, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico (Latin America) and other emerging and advanced economies.

Karavan’s mission is to support an Enterprise’s journey to Business Growth, International Expansion, and Global Sourcing activities. Our specialised expertise ranges from Consumer Goods and Retail; Clean Energy; Food & Agriculture; Digital Manufacturing, and Global Sourcing and Sustainability of products & Services connecting India, Americas (US & LatAm) and Europe. Karavan assists companies in ascertaining Market

and Non-Market Strategy, Global Sourcing Management; M&As, engaging with partners, overcoming entry barriers, regulations, localisation, marketing and executing the project – from strategy to implementation of the project.

Karavan with its access to the high profile closed knit network of Industry leaders, Country experts, State officials, and the right expertise/ research capabilities in Food and Agriculture; Manufacturing; Automotive; Renewable & Sustainability; Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals; IT, Telecom, and Media; Energy and Infrastructure; Education & Other sectors is an enabler for enterprises and investors to expand and grow.

Karavan has an expert team of business leaders, technical specialists, and advisers with intimate experience of sovereign government operations, who have provided unparalleled service to help businesses forge productive partnerships in the most lucrative markets overseas.


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To cut across borders and regions to ensure enterprises and investors reach their true growth potential thereby solving problems of both emerging and advanced economies.


To support an Enterprise’s journey to Business Growth, International Expansion and Global Sourcing management. Also, help global and local Investors mitigate their risks whilst investing into small and medium size companies.

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