March 2021 – Flavour of Argentine beverage in India! Country gives market access to Yerba Mate; ‘A powerful antioxidants, 90% more than green tea’

The market access for the Yerba Mate was raised during the Joint trade Commission meeting between the two countries last year and the National Institute of Yerba Mate (INYM), the producers of Argentine Yerba Mate is actively promoting the consumption of this product in India.

The man who has introduced this exotic drink in India is Anish Narang, Managing Director, Karavan Advisory Enterprises LLP (Karavan). He is an entrepreneur with experience in the field of International Business Advisory, with a focus on India, the US, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and Chile (Latin America), and other global markets.

According to him, “Yerba Mate is very well positioned as an alternative to – firstly Green & Herbal Teas as it offers powerful antioxidants 90 per cent more than green tea and secondly, Coffee as it has less Caffeine, and at the same time giving higher energising effects for longer period.

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