July 2022: There is a lot of room for Indian manufacturers to head towards Latin America

Karavan’s mission is to support a company’s journey towards business growth, international expansion and global sourcing activities. 

Anish Narang is one of those people who dedicate his life to deepening the joint work between India and Latin America, in various sectors. He is CEO of Karavan Advisory Enterprises LLP and specializes in international business, providing advisory and investment services focused on India, the United States , Brazil , Argentina and other emerging markets.

Trade relations between India and Latin America are booming. For example, this year Argentina and India will set a record in their commercial exchange. Partly by large corporations and commodities, but also by entrepreneurs and small businessmen who decide to invest and bet on the strengthening of this partnership.

Karavan is an international business advisory firm specializing in internationalization and global sourcing headquartered in New Delhi, India, with its associates and partners in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Chile , Peru , Mexico and other emerging economies.

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