March 2019: India & Argentina: Bond over Chai and Yerba Mate

India with a vast population needs to secure its energy and food needs and Argentina with rich resources could be a befitting partner. Similarly, Indian businesses could assist in providing Argentina with inexpensive Medicines (Pharma), and capabilities in Information Technology. At present the bilateral trade between Argentina and India is around USD3 billion.

The trade volumes do not represent the true potential between the two vast countries and the business opportunities India and Argentina could seek to expand.

Let us take for instance the Argentina’s Information Technology sector and opportunity for the Indian Digital firms. The main factors that will keep demand for software and IT services in Argentina include the increasing complexity and convergence of technologies, the need for highly educated and tech-savvy technicians and the increasing demand for cybersecurity platforms.

Similarly, in India with the advent of Electric Vehicles, the demand for Lithium and other essential minerals is rising and India would look to partner with Argentina on a long-term basis. India has conveyed its objective to have at least 30% of its vehicles run on electrical batteries by 2030.

In addition, India and Argentina agreed to expedite signing of the bilateral investment treaty and the double taxation avoidance agreement between the countries to promote economic ties. India welcomed the inclusion of Indian citizens in the e-visa Argentine System, that allows applying for an online entry authorization for any non-immigrant travel purpose.

Recognizing the importance of the agricultural sector in both India and Argentina, both leaders noted that the conclusion of the Work Plan on Agro-Industrial cooperation will enhance the scope of agricultural cooperation, including the exchange of technology to increase productivity, reduce post-harvest losses and build climate resilience. It would also expedite sanitary and Phyto-sanitary approvals of products of mutual interest by the respective regulatory authorities and enhance market access.

As quoted by President Macri, “This is the fifth meeting that the two nations have conducted in the last three years. This is not just a reflection of the chemistry between us, but also the affection between the people of these nations.”

The favourable economic & cultural transformation shift in attitudes & lifestyles, people in India and Argentina want to feel empowered, are seeking for closer ties and bond over Chai and Yerba Mate Tea.

Yerba Mate Promotion – India-Argentina Business Forum

Yerba Mate being promoted during the visit of His Excellency, Honourable President of Argentine, Mr. Mauricio Macri to India on the 18th Feb 2019 at Taj Mansingh Hotel, New Delhi.#yerbamateindia #greenergreentea #argentina #india #wellnesstea #health #bodymindsoul #indiaargentinabusinessforum

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