March 2018: Indian Millennials seek Healthier and Natural Foods

Work schedules are getting tough for an average Indian, and the millennials have been quick to realize Healthier and more Natural Products is the best way to combat stress and keep up with the pace of modern urban life. While India has been the strongest advocate of home-made and natural health fixes, the modern Indian, armed with product knowledge, is warming up to packaged health and wellness foods.

In recent years’ consumers have increasingly opted for naturally healthy packaged foods and beverages as these are perceived as offering essential natural nourishment without the higher unit prices associated with fortified/functional, organic or Better for You (BFY) products, or the artificial ingredients.

The Health & Wellness foods have grown more than 100%+ to USD $15B (approx.) with Naturally Health products growing 3 times in the last 5 years. Naturally healthy products are also set to become increasingly popular, given the perception that they are healthier and less expensive than fortified/functional alternatives.

The popular product offerings from a marketer’s stable in the health and wellness foods category are breakfast cereals including oats, refined and non-refined oils, health and energy drinks, beverages such as green & herbal teas, and soups. Faced with an array of choices from different brands across each of these products, benefits are top of consumers’ minds when making purchases.

Multinationals retained a strong foothold in health and wellness due to their long-established presence in India. However, domestic companies began to expand their health and wellness portfolios and compete against multinationals over the review period.

Health and wellness are set to continue to record strong value growth over the forecast period due to rising consumer health awareness and disposable incomes. These Health & Wellness products will cater to health-conscious consumers, who are expected to opt for products which reduce cholesterol, help control or avoid diabetes and manage weight, as well as maintain good health.

Over the course of the review period, there was a notable shift in consumer attitudes towards health and wellness products. Many consumers who are interested in consuming these products in their drive to live healthier lifestyles want their food and drink to be as natural as possible.

Mumbai, March 17th: India-Argentina Polo Match: 

Karavan presenting the Natural Healthy Yerba Mate Tea

Karavan and Instituto Nacional de la Yerba Mate (INYM) in association with the Consulate of  Argentina (Mumbai) showcased Yerba Mate Tea at The Millionaire Asia  Polo Cup, Mumbai on March 17th, 2018 at Mahalaxmi racecourse. The event had a turnout of about 700 people which included various celebrities from Bollywood as well as Business tycoons, and Food  & Wine Enthusiasts.

Different Yerba Mate blends (the Naturally Healthy Food) were presented including Pure Yerba Mate, Moroccan Mint, Hibiscus,  Mango, Paradise (saffron, Cardamom) & Beauty (Rose).