January 2019: Karavan displays Yerba Mate at the Argentina Gastronomy Week at Taj.

Yerba Mate at Machan, The Taj Mahal Hotel.

Yerba Mate defines the nation’s public life just as significantly as the masala chai shapes the Indian consciousness. Karavan is working on bringing this staple drink to India with the hopes of bringing Argentina closer to the Indian consumer. Along with the most popular, Pure Mate, four other blends were available for the convenience of the Indian palette, including those with spices such as Saffron (Yerba Mate Paradise), Lemongrass and Rose (Yerba Mate Beauty), Ginger and Tulsi (Yerba Mate Elixir), and, Senna and Moringa (Yerba Mate Soother). We were very proud, as an organisation, to be present at this splendid event and contribute our part to the exuberance of Indian-Argentinian unity.

Our MD and CEO, Mr Anish Narang, with Mr Daniel Chuburu, the Argentinian Ambassador to India.

Machan, at The Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi, organised a week that explored the “flavours of Argentine sublimity,” from the 12th of January, 2019. The hotel welcomed the celebrated Chef Patricia Suarez Roggerne of the iconic Bodega Norton to explore the local Argentinian flavours, together with the Executive Chef Arun Sundararaj. The week saw Yerba Mate being served together with the brilliantly crafted menu that included authentic delicacies such as Empanadas, Humita, and so on. The Chef had also prepared a special Yerba Mate sorbet which was well received by the hotel guests as well as the food critics and journalists that were invited to experience this phenomenal international exchange of cultures.

Karavan, as a company committed to the internationalisation of MSMEs from India, fervently believes in the ability of cultural elements and their exchange to serve as the foundation for long-lasting cooperations that promote growth and development for all the agents involved. We were pleased to be present during the event that stood as a testament to the future opportunities that await the two countries, in the era of Globalisation 4.0. Yerba Mate is one of the central elements of the Argentine experience.

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