October 2019: Launch of Kaà -Yarì – Yerba Mate Wellness Tea in India

Kaà -Yarì – Yerba Mate Wellness Tea was launched in October 2019 in India.

Kaà -Yarì, by Pipore, is named after the goddess of ‘Yerba (herb) Mate (Cup)’ and follows the ancient practice of brewing Kaà leaves into Mate for their stimulating and restorative effects on the body and the mind. It infuses tradition with modernity, which has shaped histories of community and personal wellness, for its restorative and stimulating effects upon the body and the mind.

Pipore Beverages Private Limited is the parent company which owns and promotes the brand Kaa-Yari in India. Today, the brand is among the 10 largest Yerba Mate companies in the country and among the 3 exporters worldwide.

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