June 2022: Roots of Yerba Mate spreading in India

The yerba mate infusions present a great antioxidant power due to its high concentration of polyphenols, and it is ranked in a very privileged position among natural elements carrying the highest antioxidant power.

Discovery of Yerba goes back to when Europeans travelled the American continent looking for gold and other treasures, what was called “El Dorado ”. From their journeys, they noticed how the locals drank yerba mate, especially the Guaraní tribe. They tried it and liked the ‘exotic’ taste as well as its stimulant benefits, which led to some taking dried and processed leaves (sapecadas) back to their settlements.

Nowadays, the consumers in India are seeking new types of tea & beverages to satisfy their taste buds and health needs. Drinking Tea continues to be extremely relevant, across consumer groups. It is something Indians have grown up with and yet, to keep up with constantly changing consumers’ need to experiment and seek out newness, they are reaching out to other kinds of Teas. In India, Argentine Yerba Mate is widely available in tea bags, the traditional way of drinking it in Gourd & Bombilla and Mate coolers for the hot summers.


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